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The FVTRS water heaters range are planned for being used as well as with electrical feeding or other source of energy.
The wide range of capacity, from 80 up to 140 litres, covers quite all the demands of the market for this kind of product. Inside, in the lower part of the boiler, in order to optimize the rendering, it has been mounted a coil heat exchanger which ensures the heating using the energy coming from the second source provide to heating of the water. The exchange surface is 0,6 sqm.
The heat exchanger, is supplied of connections both on left and on right side.
The heating element, is controlled by a thermostat, which can operate also as on-off switch device thanks the external regulation.
The double capillary thermostat mounted on FVTRS represents an additional safety assurance against over heating.
The resistance has an additional protective sheath for extra sensor which can eventually be mounted to control the circulation in the heat exchanger.
Boiler and heat exchanger are protected against the corrosion by glass lined process executed in compliance with norms DIN 4753. Moreover, for further protection, a magnesium anode is mounted on the inspection flange, in an easy accessible position for controls and maintenance.
Boiler insulation is ensured by high density expanded polyurethane CFC free which is directly injected.
The external finishing is executed by powders varnished plate and antistatic polypropylene covers.
The water heater it is supplied with thermometer and operation spy lamp for element.

FVTRS series brochure (PDF - 805 KB)
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